Franchise Development

     The Law Offices of Tiffany J. Brown is committed to provide a focused, concise, and comprehensive service regarding franchise law.  The franchise process can be both complex and extensive for business owners and requires careful attention to detail in the corporation’s operating documents and Franchise Disclosure Documents.  We recognize that the success of franchising is heavily dependent on the ability to properly structure, maintain, and control business relationships developed in the process.

     The Law Offices of Tiffany J. Brown is able to assist your business navigate the franchise process by:

  • Providing legal advice on the appropriate method of franchising
  • Structuring and developing a franchise and distribution program
  • Drafting and review of comprehensive operating manuals
  • Preparing and/or editing disclosure documents and state registration documents evidencing franchise offers and sales
  • Providing legal advice to ensure compliance with franchise and disclosure regulations
  • Addressing issues or concerns regarding various intellectual property matters
  • Legal representation in litigation, arbitration, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution matters

Let us help you with your franchise needs!  Call the Law Offices of Tiffany J. Brown at (305) 894-6TJB (0852) or (954) 543-0TJB (0852) to discuss your matter further or to schedule a consultation.